Faculty Grant Recipients

Global studies faculty research grants awarded in 2021

  • Kari Barber (Journalism), Humans in the Age of Automated War, $3,000
  • Sarrah Dunham-Cheatham (CABNR), Testing the Viability of Low-Cost Technologies Developed at UNR for Monitoring Atmospheric Mercury at a Remote Southern Hemisphere Site, on Amsterdam Island in the Indian Ocean, $3,000
  • James Leonhardt (Marketing, College of Business), Cultural Orientation and Vaccine Hesitancy During a Pandemic, $3,000
  • Ruthie Meadows (Music, College of Liberal Arts), Global Circulations of Cuban Sound & Women-Created Digital Media Platforms: The Gladys Palmera Collection of Spain, $3,000
  • Marin A. Pilloud (Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts), Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Bronze Age site of KarataƟ, Turkey, $2,600
  • Tessa Swigart (Community Health Sciences), The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Physical Activity and Mental Health Among Mexican and Latinix Families, $2,950
  • Karla D. Wagner (Community Health Sciences), Analysis and Dissemination of Findings from the ‘Syndemics-Networks’ Study in Western Kenya, $3,000

Global studies faculty research grants awarded in 2020

  • Baldo Bobadilla (Community Health Sciences), Community Garden Feasibility Study for the Ache People of Paraguay, $2,980
  • Eric Crosbie (Community Health Sciences), The New Frontier in Nutrition Policy: Front-of-Package Nutrition Labeling of Prepackaged Foods in Mexico, $3,000
  • Miya Hannan (School of the Arts, College of Liberal Arts), Women's Essence Show 2020 : Selected Project-Unesco Center, Bologna. Italy $3,000
  • Fares Karam (Department of Equity, Diversity and Language Education, College of Education), Linguistic Landscape of Resistance: Reclaiming Public Space in Beirut, Lebanon, $3,000
  • Richard Kelley (Nevada Center for Applied Research), International Validation of Electric,  Connected and Automated Vehicles, Berlin, Germany, $2,690
  • Jason Ludden (English, College of Liberal Arts) Multi Model Collaboration in Service-Learning Courses on Environmental Communication, Sri Lanka, $2,975
  • Mikaela Rogozen-Soltar (Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts) Backslide? Spanish Return Migration and the Politics of Regional Crisis. Andalucia, Spain, $3,000