High-Impact Master's Education

The Master's Degree in Secondary Education (MEd) offers teacher candidates an opportunity to complete a course of study in secondary school (middle/high school) programs to become highly qualified in their licensure area.

Application Dates

Applicants wishing for admittance into the program in the upcoming fall semester need to apply by April 15. Applicants wishing for admittance into the program in the upcoming spring semester need to apply by October 15.

Why a Master of Secondary Education?

The Master’s Degrees in Secondary Education (M.Ed.) offers teacher candidates an opportunity to complete a course of study in secondary programs to become highly qualified in their licensure area.

For students who are not licensed Nevada teachers, licensure courses may be taken as part of a master’s degree. Several areas of emphasis are available within each.  Students enrolled in the Washoe County School District Alternative Route to Licensure (WCSD ARL) strand of this program must work toward licensure in a content area that is approved by the WCSD ARL at the time of their enrollment into the M.Ed. program.

It is possible, upon admission to a post-baccalaureate licensure program (in secondary education), to concurrently pursue a graduate certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language.

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Admission Requirements

  • Completion of the program application
  • Completion of the Pre-Professional Skills Test or other basic competency exam at the level established by the Nevada Department of Education
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Prerequisite coursework
  • A reflective essay, three to five pages in length, which discusses the candidate's understanding of the purpose of public education and how the complex issues facing secondary educators are going to affect the candidate as a teacher
  • 1-2 page resume
  • Two professional letters of recommendation
  • Qualified in the professional judgment of the program faculty

Program Requirements

The M.Ed. program is divided into two parts:

  1. Required course work that leads to a secondary teaching license in Nevada, and
  2. Additional coursework beyond licensure to complete the requirements for a master's degree. Student need to have earned degrees in field representing teaching majors that include: art, biology, career and technical education, chemistry, earth science, English, foreign languages, general science, health, history, journalism, mathematic, music, physical education, physical science, physics, political science, social studies, speech, theater.

It should be noted that some teaching areas are in high demand and others are not.

A fast-track option is available in which students become licensed in two semesters: a fall semester followed by a spring semester. Students may move through the program at a slower pace. A full-semester Supervised Internship (student teaching) experience is required for licensure. No degree is awarded at the end of the licensure sequence. Additional credits must be taken, including one educational research course, advanced curriculum development courses, and 1 to 3 credits of comprehensive examination.

The specific curriculum requirements are adapted to the professional program and the needs of the student. Students should not enroll in any graduate-level course without first securing the approval of the department that such a course is acceptable toward a selected major or minor.

Program Hours

48 credits for teaching licensure and master's degree.

Program Faculty

Secondary Education
Cindy Bozman
Cindy Bozman, MBA
Administrative Assistant III
(775) 682-7525
WRB 3100
Secondary Education
Elizabeth Xeng De Los Santos
Elizabeth Xeng De Los Santos, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Secondary Education
(775) 682-7520
WRB 3113
Secondary Education
Jessica Gallo
Jessica Gallo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Secondary Education
(775) 682-7874
WRB 3115
Secondary Education
Caroline Hatcher
Caroline Hatcher, M.A.
WCSD Field-Based Instructor
(775) 682-7538
WRB 3119
Secondary Education
Jennifer Mahon
Jennifer Mahon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Sociocultural Education
(775) 682-7534
WRB 3116
Secondary Education
Robert J. Quinn
Robert J. Quinn, Ed.D.
Professor of Mathematics Education, Co-Director NevadaTeach
(775) 682-7526
WRB 3112
Secondary Education
William Toledo
William Toledo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(775) 682-7855
WRB 3111