Women's Studies, Minor

This interdisciplinary program in the College of Liberal Arts provides students with an understanding of women in historical and contemporary contexts and an exploration of gender as it influences scholarship and human relations. The program is multicultural, emphasizing the intersection of race, class, sexuality, gender and ethnicity. The full range of academic disciplines is considered from the perspective of gender, understood as both female and male.

Students analyze contributions women have made throughout history in all aspects of life, sources of their omission from traditional approaches to scholarship and traditional centers of power, and contemporary issues concerning gender and sexual orientation in culture and society.

Students will:

  • Learn the influence of gender in a historical and contemporary context
  • Discuss critical theory in gender studies and multiculturalism
  • Consider the intersections of race, class, sexuality, gender and ethnicity
  • Compare and analyze male and female gender roles in family and society
  • Study gender as it influences scholarship and human relations
  • Explore the contributions of women to history, literature and academia
  • Examine the power dynamics between genders from global issues to personal relationships
  • Encourage critical thinking and new perspectives on the role of women in society

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