Hostile Terrain 94

The Department of Gender, Race, and Identity is excited to partner with The John and Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art to present Hostile Terrain 94. Opening event on Wednesday, August 25th, 6 - 8 p.m. at The Lilley.

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Dear GRI Community,

We are very saddened to learn of the passing of Mary White Stewart, Professor Emerita of Sociology and former Director of Women’s Studies and Gender, Race, and Identity. Dr. Stewart was deeply committed to students, colleagues, and members of the local community, and we are so grateful for her outstanding leadership of — and countless contributions to — Women’s Studies and GRI over the years.

Dr. Stewart’s vision for an interdisciplinary, intersectional program dedicated to the study of power, injustice, and identity resulted in the formation of the Gender, Race, and Identity Program and the development of an M.A. and Graduate Certificate in Gender, Race, and Identity, among other accomplishments. In addition to inspiring and facilitating collaborations across disciplines and departments, she was an outstanding mentor and advocate for faculty members and undergraduate and graduate students throughout the university. When she was first appointed as director of Women’s Studies in 2002, the program included a lecturer, an administrator, and a group of committed affiliated faculty across University departments. Her vision and years of hard work led to the formation of the Gender, Race, and Identity Program in 2007, a new structure which brought together the Women’s Studies major and minor, and minors in Ethnic Studies; Holocaust, Genocide, and Peace Studies; and Religious Studies. Dr. Stewart fiercely protected Women’s Studies and GRI during the 2007-2009 recession, and the program grew in the years that followed. Extending Dr. Stewart’s foundational work, Gender, Race, and Identity recently became a department (July 1, 2020), and is currently home to nine faculty and staff members, more than 50 faculty associates, and 13 existing and soon-to-be-launched undergraduate and graduate programs, including minors in Black Studies, Indigenous Studies, Latinx Studies, and LGBTQ Studies. We are indebted to Dr. Stewart for her vision to build such a vibrant community of students, scholars, and community partners.

Dr. Stewart was professor, colleague, mentor, and friend to so many of us. We send heartfelt condolences to her loved ones. We are extremely grateful for her ground-breaking research about gendered violence, skilled teaching in and outside of the classroom, wonderful sense of humor, and longstanding dedication to creating community on campus and beyond. She will be missed.


The Department of Gender, Race, and Identity

Bachelor of Arts in Gender, Race, and Identity

  • Specialization in Women's Studies
  • Specialization in Ethnic Studies
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  • Black Studies
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Holocaust, Genocide, and Peace Studies
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Latinx Studies
  • LGBTQ Studies
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Justice
  • Women's Studies

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