Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

The Secondary Education Program is committed to preparing teachers who are able to meet the challenges of today's classrooms. The teacher education faculty provides an educational program that enables students to: develop a strong foundation of knowledge about teaching and learning; display a love of learning; value democracy and pluralism; and engage in reflective practice about one's growth as a teacher.

The Secondary Education program leads to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in the College of Education and Human Development (120 undergraduate credits). Students have the option of combining this with a degree in your content area - sometimes requiring no increase in the total credits required. Those interested in working toward secondary teacher licensure in Agricultural Sciences, Atmospheric Science, Biology, Chemistry, Community Health Sciences, Environmental Science, Geography, Mathematics (B.A. or B.S.), Microbiology & Immunology, and Physics must do so through the NevadaTeach Program.

Please Note: Our teacher licensure programs prepare students for a Nevada Teacher's License, which is available ONLY to persons holding U. S. citizenship or a valid work permit/green card. International students not meeting this requirement may earn any of our degrees, but are not eligible for a Nevada teaching license. International students are urged to work closely with their academic advisors to ensure their programs meet their professional goals.

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