Religious Studies, Minor

GRI Adviser

Kyle Jackson
Lecturer - Gender, Race and Identity
Phone: (775) 682-6484

The University of Nevada, Reno offers an interdisciplinary minor in religious studies. Courses are offered in the departments of anthropology, art, dance, world languages, history, philosophy and sociology.

Students will:

  • Learn about religions around the world
  • Read religious texts, commentaries and analyses, and reflect on their meaning and importance
  • Discuss the concept of religion, its origin and construction, its power both to show and hide the phenomena it denotes
  • Think about religions as cultures with specific identities tied to language, region, bodily practices, texts and beliefs
  • Consider how religions are shaped by interaction and exchange with other cultures, nations, ethnicities, and religious groups; by technological change; by changing conceptions of gender; by forces of modernization and reaction
  • Study contemporary religious movements and their relation to secularism, law, sovereignty, and violence
  • Look at religious art and artifact, and consider how they reflect and produce religion

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