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How long does it take?

This minor is designed to be completed with any major in four years.

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Open to all undergraduate students. Learn how to apply to the University of Nevada, Reno.

What will I learn in a Latinx studies minor?

In the Latinx studies minor, you'll learn about the diverse cultural and historical contributions Hispanic and Latin American communities have made in the U.S. You'll study both historical experiences and contemporary realities on topics like immigration, health care, gender and more. You do not need to speak Spanish to complete the minor in Latinx studies, however if you do, you many count approved Spanish courses toward the minor. 

All students in the minor start with one of two foundational courses offered by the Department of Gender, Race and Identity that provide an introduction to topics including identity and social movements. The rest of your courses in the major will be selected from two broad groups of electives: 

  • Arts, communication and culture
  • Society, history and politics

Within these categories, you can take courses in topics ranging from literature to bilingual journalism to religion and society. With more than 30 elective options, you can be sure to find courses that match your personal interests and support your career goals. 

Courses in the minor are drawn from a wide range of departments including anthropology; history; gender, race and identity; and journalism, among others. 

The Religious Studies minor is offered by the Department of Anthropology in the College of Liberal Arts. The department offers degree programs that explore inequality and social justice to prepare graduates for careers in public advocacy, politics, education and more. 

Professors in the Department of Anthropology represent a variety of academic disciplines and bring and interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research that focuses on better understanding the diverse range of human experiences. 

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