Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Law and Justice Specialization

Students who receive a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice complete a degree preparing them for justice-related careers, graduate study and law school. The department's two undergraduate tracks, criminal justice major and law and justice specialization, are not intended to serve as applied professional training programs; rather, they are academically centered programs that focus on the legal, ethical, administrative, theoretical and behavioral aspects of the justice system and its various parts, as identified in the department's student learning outcomes and objectives.

Students who complete the Law and Justice specialization will acquire a contextual foundation of law in heterogeneous society and have the opportunity to develop critical thinking and analysis skills.

The interdisciplinary specialization focuses on law and justice theory and policy and includes courses in philosophy, as well as practical courses in legal research and writing. This track largely attracts students interested in the context of law in a diverse society and a variety of careers.

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