Agricultural Science

The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science degree in the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources provides students with current professional training in the business, management, economics and production of agricultural systems.

The goal of this major is to educate and prepare students to successfully compete for jobs related to agriculture, both in Nevada and throughout the world. The major emphasizes the protection of sustainable natural resources, proper use of livestock and the effective management and economic improvement of rangeland resources. It covers the relationships among soils, plants, insects, animals and the environment, among other components of agricultural systems.

Students can specialize in animal science, plant science, general agricultural science or agricultural education, and the curriculum provides progressive advancement through theory and technique. Physiology, genetics, nutrition, botany and ecology are a few of the topics examined at each level of sophistication. Emphasis is placed on problem solving and learning-by-doing. All classes include hands-on sessions in a practical environment.

For more information about the program, contact:

CABNR Student Center
Office: Max Fleischmann Agriculture Building Room 236 or 775-784-1634