Criminal justice students graduate

The Department of Criminal Justices offers undergraduate and graduate degrees for those wishing to pursue careers related to the justice system.

Bachelor's Degree

Undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor's degree in criminal justice will graduate with a clear understanding of the myths of the criminal justice system and demonstrate meaningful knowledge of issues and dilemmas of problem-solving in a pluralistic society. In addition, students will gain the following skills:

  1. Students will exhibit quantitative and qualitative social science skills that will allow them to meaningfully analyze empirically developed data and engage in program assessment.
  2. Students will be capable of sophisticated thinking and writing in critical, programmatic and evaluative venues and demonstrate the ability to approach knowledge from a variety of epistemological traditions.
  3. Students will acquire a solid grounding in a variety of ethical systems to enhance their ability to conduct themselves as ethical persons in complex and demanding situations.
  4. Students will understand that constant self-reflection is required to be an effective philosopher/practitioner amidst the American diversity in race, ethnicity, gender and class.

Master's Degree

Students can earn a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice designed for individuals already in justice-related careers interested in advancing in their professions, for students desiring to pursue doctoral study, and individuals wishing to expand their knowledge of criminal justice and to pursue justice-related careers. Within these interests, students are offered the flexibility to pursue their individual goals. While most students attend full time, some attend part time so they can maintain employment. Many required classes are offered in the late afternoon or evenings to accommodate working students.

Most graduate students take the nonthesis track, although a thesis track is available to outstanding students who wish to go on to a doctorate program or want a career that requires extensive experience in statistics, research methodology and report writing. Students interested in doing a thesis should consult the professor who they want to work with, as most theses are very closely related to the professor's own research agenda.

Undergraduate Degrees

The department offers an undergraduate degree with two tracks: criminal justice and law and justice specialization.

Graduate Degree

The University of Nevada, Reno offers a Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice.