Diversity Statement

In light of the recent events taking place in the long-standing history of tragic issues and problems present within the criminal justice system, the University of Nevada, Reno Department of Criminal Justice faculty and staff are committed, more than ever, to the principles of racial and social justice. We are unequivocal in our obligation to engage in teaching, research and service that guides reform throughout the criminal justice system. We recognize that change starts with each of us. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is ever-present as we work to educate the next generation of criminal justice practitioners, research systemic bias and racism and guide criminal justice reform.

We stand with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the American Society of Criminology in condemning the deplorable and unjust death of George Floyd and call for action that facilitates criminal justice reform. The Department strives for equity and works to end the disparate treatment of people of color in society and in the criminal justice system. Further, the Department goals align with those of the University and College: to create more diverse, equitable and inclusive systems and practices.

The Department recently created a diversity, equity and inclusion committee and it has recently hired two faculty who are specialists in diversity and equity in the criminal justice system. We offer classes that focus on criminal justice reform, diversity, equity and inclusion, such as Diversity and Multiculturalism in Criminal Justice, Diversity and Multiculturalism in Community Policing and Struggle for Justice. Moreover, important topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded throughout our curriculum, including community policing, base decisions and interventions on evidenced-based practices and research, ending racial profiling, greater community input, diverting individuals to other more appropriate social services to better serve them and reducing incarceration and recidivism rates. The Department continuously examines its curriculum in order to ensure we are providing our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist in reforming the criminal justice system.