Undergraduate Research Pool

The social research participation credit (SRPC) requirement

Students taking courses in the humanities, social sciences, managerial and behavioral sciences may earn social research participation credits (SRPCs) for their courses if required by their individual professors. The number of SRPCs can vary by course and/or professor. These credits will be factored into the final grade (see specific course syllabus for details).

To earn SRPC, you must complete the activity (e.g., study, paper, summary). No credit is given for incomplete activities.

The purpose for the requirement is to enhance the student's understanding of social and behavioral research. The descriptions of social and behavioral research that appear in textbooks offer an incomplete picture of what a social scientist actually does. Thus, there are educational values that may be realized by first-hand experience of the various kinds of social and behavioral research and professional practices engaged in by social scientists. In addition, participation in research provides a service to the field of social and behavioral research by contributing to the knowledge base and understanding of human behavior and capacities and a service to faculty and students conducting research at the University. Similar benefits result from reading original literature in professional journals and synthesizing this information in the form of an original research paper.

SRPCs can be earned by any of the following three methods:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the SONA has counted my credits?

Students can log into SONA and check the number of completed credits at any time. Please allow two-three days after completion of a SONA research participation credit for it to be recorded on the SONA site. If you do not see credit for a research study after three days following its completion, please contact the researcher of the study in which you participated. If you encounter further problems, please contact the SONA Administrator.

Do not contact your professors. They will not know whether you have completed credits until they receive the mid-semester or final reports. Mid-semester and final reports of the number of SONA credits for each student will be generated through SONA and they will be provided to the instructor of the class(es) that the student has identified on the SONA site.

What if I need more help?

If you have questions, please contact the SONA administrator. If you have questions about receiving credit from a research study (option 1), contact the researcher for that study. No one can give you credit for a research study except the researcher.

If you require any special assistance or accommodations in fulfilling the SRPC requirement check first with the SONA administrator.

If the SONA administrator cannot answer your questions, contact Monica Miller (775) 784-6021 in the Department of Criminal Justice.