Nuclear Regulatory Commission Undergraduate Scholarship

Aerial view of University of Nevada, Reno campus

Nuclear Power Research at Nevada

Since 1992, the University of Nevada, Reno has conducted externally-funded research on the performance and reliability of materials in advanced nuclear power applications. This work has been funded by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Energy, National Laboratories, the State of Nevada, and industry.

Nuclear Power Fellowship Objective

The objective of this program is to help develop a workforce with who are able to support the design, construction, operation, and regulation of nuclear facilities and the safe handling of nuclear materials. This program is funded by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory commission. The scholarships are available to students interested in pursuing a degree in materials science and engineering with a nuclear materials emphasis.

Materials Science and Engineering: The program has research strengths in studying materials for nuclear power with special focus on high temperature materials performance and corrosion. Notable infrastructure includes a supercritical water loop facility and molten salt facility outfitted with a suite of materials characterization techniques. The nuclear materials emphasis option offers four courses in nuclear energy that are taught by world-renowned professors. Prof. Tsoulfanidis has authored two of the books used in this course.

  • Application deadline: Applications received by November 15, 2016 will be given priority, but applications will be accepted until all scholarships are awarded.
  • Contact: Dr. Dev Chidambaram (
  • Award: 11 total at $7,500 each/year
  • Award Date: 2016-2017

Eligibility criteria

  • Minimum 3.00 GPA.(min overall, including grades for courses taken in other institutions)
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA for courses taken at UNR and Minimum 3.00 GPA towards Materials Science and Engineering major.
  • Enrolled full time both fall and spring (at least 12 hours, each semester)
  • Must be a US Citizen (not permanent resident or international)
  • Serious interest in a career in the nuclear industry or a nuclear related materials area, such as nuclear materials, engineering, health physics or radiochemistry.
  • Must be willing to commit to serve 6 months per each year of scholarship award in nuclear-related employment in exchange for the scholarship support. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission website provides more details on the service agreement. This can be waived under certain cases only.
  • Scholarship is open to only students pursuing a materials science and engineering degree with nuclear materials emphasis. You will be required to make adequate progress towards graduation and eventually graduate with this degree.

How to apply

To apply, please submit the following materials:

  1. University transcript (unofficial downloaded transcript is acceptable)
  2. Resume
  3. Two-page (maximum) essay describing your interest in the nuclear/nuclear related materials industry and a description of your future goals and career objectives

Please include your name and UNR ID on the top of each page. Applications can be delivered to the Chemical and Materials Engineering office in Laxalt Mineral Research (LMR) 474.