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Students in the unit operations lab

About the Department

Academic faculty: 14

Undergraduate students: 193

Graduate students:

  • Master's degree: 9
  • Ph.D.: 30

Research expenditures: $1.4 million FY18

Our combined department in the fields of chemical engineering and materials science and engineering consists of world-class faculty and committed students who are interested in the development and understanding of technology for the 21st century.

The field of chemical engineering emphasizes chemistry, mathematics, and creativity to solve important societal problems, from developing new pharmaceuticals safely and efficiently to creating clean and inexpensive fuels for energy conservation and pollution prevention.

Chemical engineers can have exciting careers as designers, troubleshooters, and technical leaders in fields such as pharmaceuticals, advanced materials, fine and specialty chemicals, food protection, environmental protection, biotechnology, clean energy technology, semiconductor fabrication, paper manufacturing, computer systems, and plastics manufacturing.

Materials science and engineering is a broad discipline, ranging from the extracting of valuable minerals and metals from ores, to the production of steel, to the development and fabrication of pure metals, alloys, ceramics, electronic materials, and biomaterials. Most fields in science and engineering are involved in some way or another in the development of materials, but only a materials engineer is an expert in the connections between the structure, processing, properties, and performance of materials.