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Labs and equipment

  • Biofuels Laboratory
  • Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory
  • Chemical Engineering Modeling and Simulation
    • Primary contact: Victor Vasquez
    • Major focus: Use of computational methods and applied mathematics on chemical engineering thermodynamics applied to both microscopic and macroscopic systems and the study of properties of new materials and systems.
  • Lightweight Materials
    • Major focus: Phase transformation and deformation mechanisms in lightweight Mg alloys and Ti alloys; Novel lightweight alloys design; Advanced manufacturing of lightweight Ti alloys for aerospace and biomedical application; Texture evolution during thermomechanical processing of Mg alloys; Processing and mechanical properties of ultra-fine grained Mg alloys; Shuffle transformation in Ti alloys
  • Materials Modeling and Simulation
    • Primary contacts: Dhanesh Chandra and Jeffrey LaCombe
    • Major focus: Use of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) methods on problems in materials thermodynamics, diffusion, and microstructural evolution, applied to metals, alloys, ceramics, and other materials of interest. Computational tools in use include Thermo Calc, Dictra, FactSage, COMSOL Multiphysics, and other customized or general-purpose packages (MatLab, etc.).
  • Materials Processing Laboratory
    • Primary contact: Jeffrey LaCombe
    • Major focus: Casting, solidification, crystal growth, diffusion and phase evolution processes, microstructural evolution and stability. Physical metallurgy of (primarily) metals, alloys, and ceramics.
  • Microstructure and Property Relationship in Materials
    • Major focus: Deformation twinning and deformation induced phase transformation; Interface engineering; Nano- and micro-structured engineering; Atomistic simulation of phase transformation in alloys; Multiscale modeling of deformation of metals
  • Multi-scale Materials Characterization
    • Major focus: Texture evolution using EBSD; Defect and nanostructure characterization using TEM; 3D FIB serial section tomography; In-situ and ex-situ nano-to-microscale mechanical characterization metals
  • Nuclear Materials Laboratory
    • Primary contact: Dev Chidambaram
    • Major focus: Reprocessing of spent nuclear fuels and development of materials for nuclear reactors
  • Polymer Science and Engineering Laboratory
    • Primary contact: Ravi Subramanian
    • Major focus: Synthesis of supramolecular polymers and surface polymerization. Characterization of polymers with thermal, physical and electrochemical techniques
  • Solar Lab
    • Primary contact: Ravi Subramanian
    • Major focus: Screening and optimizing materials for light-activated reactions with applications in photovoltaics, environmental cleanup, green fuel synthesis, light mediated biological processes and CO2 control
  • Solar and Hydrogen Laboratory
    • Primary contact: Dev Chidambaram
    • Major focus: Hydrogen generation from water utilizing sunlight
  • X-ray Diffraction Facility
    • Primary contact: Dhanesh Chandra
    • Major focus: Low and high temperature x-ray diffraction

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