Mark Walker

Mark Walker, Professor, University of Nevada, Reno

Contact Information


  • English and Journalism, S.U.N.Y Binghamton
  • University of Arizona
  • Cornell University, 1998

Research Interests

My research supports exposure assessment as a part of risk assessment associated with human health protection. I have conducted studies of exposure and potential for exposure to:

  • Arsenic in private water supplies
  • E. coli, as an indicator of fecal contamination in water
  • Leptospira, as a result of changes in land use in Hawaii
  • Cryptosporidium

My extension work provides technical support and information through:

  • Water supply operators throughout Nevada, using an innovative partnership and distance learning technologies
  • Web sites that help interpret water quality and have served as models for at least two national efforts,
  • Peer-reviewed fact sheets and special publications and newsletters
  • Small grants programs for Extension Educators.

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