Who can apply?

Any undergraduate interested in gaining biological research experience can apply! We encourage students from all backgrounds to participate in the program.

Do I need specific skills and grades to apply?

The BURO program is designed to both help students attain their first research position and further advance and enrich the undergraduate experience for those with past research positions. Many projects have no prerequisites however, some faculty are looking for students with specific skills and classwork backgrounds. Prerequisites are listed in the project descriptions. Do not let a lack of experience deter you from applying.

Do I need a letter of recommendation?

No letter of recommendation needed, just fill out the application accurately.

Should I contact faculty I am interested in working with?

Please respect the application process. Once applications are submitted, faculty will contact the undergraduates they are interested in working with.

Why am I limited to three project applications?

Undergraduates are encouraged to apply to projects they are seriously interested in. While you may be interested in more than three projects, we want to ensure that only quality applications are submitted.
Three projects is the maximum, you can apply to less.

Why do I have to write a separate statement of interest for each project position?

The statement of interest is the most important part of the application. You need to demonstrate why you are interested in the faculty member's research and explain what you will bring to the project. Use the space to show faculty you have spent time learning about their research and believe you are a good fit for their lab.

One faculty member has multiple projects. Do I have to make a separate statement of interest for each project?


If chosen, what is my commitment as a volunteer research assistant?

Most projects ask for a 6-10 hour per week commitment but the details are ultimately up to the faculty and graduate students you will work with. Based on your performance, opportunities for class credit and monetary compensation can be worked out with faculty for future semesters.

How often can I apply?

You can continue to apply as opportunities are posted to the website. Most projects will be listed at the beginning of each semester.

Still have questions?

For more information, contact Jessica Reimche at Reimchej@gmail.com.