Undergraduate research opportunities

The Department of Biology offers numerous research opportunities to undergraduate students Engaging in research is fundamental for those aspiring to pursue a career in the sciences, and it will stand out on medical school admissions, graduate school applications, and job interviews alike.

The undergraduate research experience takes on many forms. Whether you are conducting experiments, analyzing data, or helping keep the lab clean and organized, being part of an academic biology lab and team is an invaluable experience. Students who form relationships with graduate students and faculty early on in their academic career will have greater opportunities to learn advanced research skills, explore new fields and deepen the knowledge gained in the classroom.

Engaging in undergraduate research yields several benefits:

  1. Gain valuable experience that will be advantageous in any career path, including medical school admissions and graduate school applications
  2. Potentially earn credit towards your degree
  3. Meet new colleagues and expand your future career options
  4. Explore different areas of research and find your research passion!

How to get involved in undergraduate research

Getting involved in undergraduate research offers several avenues for participation. The best place to start is to find a project that captures your interest. Talk to your faculty mentor and reach out to our faculty members to explore potential research opportunities.

Getting started with finding research opportunities

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