Biology with Distinction

Bachelor of Science "With Distinction" in Biology

Undergraduate majors in Biology at the University of Nevada, Reno are strongly encouraged to participate in the Biology Department's Senior Thesis program towards a Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Biology. This program allows students to work with one of the Biology Faculty in her/his laboratory on an independent research project and to earn recognition as an outstanding biology student.


Students participating in this program must have and maintain a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.5 GPA in Biology. The curriculum includes one or more three-credit research courses (BIOL 491 or 492) to be completed by the end of the Junior year and two additional semesters of Senior Thesis Research (BIOL 496 and 497, each 3 credits) to be completed during the senior year.

Students are encouraged to initiate this program in their sophomore year by making contact with Biology Faculty members to discuss student participation in undergraduate research. A Faculty research advisor/mentor must be identified in order to begin the "with Distinction" program curriculum during the junior year.

Explore undergraduate research opportunities

To complete the Degree with Distinction Program, students must:

  • Submit a senior thesis research proposal and letter of endorsement from their faculty thesis advisor to the Biology Department Special Programs Committee, no later than the end of the junior year,
  • Write a thesis, that is accepted by the thesis advisor and the Special Programs Committee before the end of the semester of graduation and
  • Present a research seminar to the Biology faculty, students, and guests during the Annual Celebration of Biology.