Campus walk zones

If you're biking around campus you should know about the University's walk zones. Almost all of the routes through campus and at the Valley road buildings are shared use for bikes and pedestrians, with two areas of exception that are designated as walk zones.

University walk zones

The walk zones include the following areas:

  • All of the sidewalk areas in front (west) of the Joe Crowley Student Union and the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center and south to the William J. Raggio Building. The walk zone ends just about where the large staircase to the National Judicial College meets the sidewalk at the north end of the Raggio building.
  • The Hilliard Plaza. The walk zone extends from the north-east main entrance of the University Arts building, along the north end the Hilliard Plaza, and along the Plaza paths in front of the Schulich Lecture Hall and the Mack Social Science building until the pathways tee into the paved area in front of the Ansari Business Building at the south end of Hilliard Plaza.