Campus bicycling info

Are you looking for an air station to pump up a flat or locations of bike racks? Need more information about bike permits or filing a theft report? Use the guides below to get more information.

Campus perks

Get information about tire filling stations, Pack Rides and more perks for bike riders on campus.

Bicycle repair

Learn about our bike repair station and bike maintenance at the University

Bike registration

All bikes must be registered and have a bicycle permit. Bike permits are free.

Bike parking

There are numerous bike racks and lockers across campus for parking your bike.

Bike theft

Get tips for preventing bike theft at the University and access the online crime reporting form for any theft issues.

Campus map

Looking for routes, pumps, bike racks and other useful information for biking on campus? Check out our bike map.

Walk zones

The University has dedicated walk zones that every bicyclist needs to recognize and respect.