Bike Parking

Bike rack on campus

Bike Lockers

Bike Locker

For details about bike lockers, including cost and availability, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at (775) 784-4654.

When parking your bicycle on campus please use a designated location. Throughout campus multiple bike racks and lockers are provided for your convenience. View our map to locate racks and bike lockers.

Bicycles may not be parked in buildings except for assigned residence hall rooms or assigned, approved workplaces (such as individual offices).

Bicycles may not be parked in pedestrian access routes such as walkways, ramps or doorways, or chained to railings or any object other than a bike rack.

The University must abide by federal and campus safety policies and ADA regulations.

New to Campus – APBP Compliant Bike Racks

The campus is now installing racks that are compliant with the recommendations from the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals. These racks can be found on the east-side of the Quad. They provide a nice way to lock two bikes per rack and are easy to lock your frame and a wheel to the post with a u-lock.

Two bikes locked to one "rung" of the bike rack:

Two bikes locked to one rung of the bike racks

A well-secured bike locked through the front wheel and frame and the back wheel also locked to the bike frame:

A bike secured to the bike racks with both wheels and frame locked