Bike repairs on campus

Campus Bike Repair Station

Our new bicycle repair station is located between the Joe Crowley Student Union and the Knowledge Center (near the outside of the Knowledge Center rotunda). Find the exact location on our campus cycling map.

The repair station has a set of basic tools and a pump.

Tools include:

  • Phillips & standard screwdrivers
  • Steel core tire levers (2)
  • Headset/pedal wrench
  • 8/10 mm cone wrench
  • 9/11 mm cone wrench
  • Torx T-25
  • Hex key set
  • Floor (stand) pump

Bike maintenance tips

A few of the basic things to check each time you ride include the following:

  • Tires. Keeping proper air pressure will help you avoid flats.
  • Brakes. Check that your brakes are engaged and functioning before you ride.
  • Chain. Make sure your chain is always clean and lubed. Chains rust very quickly, especially outdoors.
  • Repair kit. It's good to carry a small repair kit with you when you ride.
  • Spare tube. Carry a spare tube for your tire in case of flats or other issues.
  • Pump. Carry a small pump when you ride.
  • Tire levers. Tire levers help you remove your tire to access the tube when you ride.

Here are some tips from other sources: