Bicycle registration

All bicycles on campus must display an annual bicycle parking permit. These permits are free and may be obtained online or at the Parking and Transportation Services office located off 16th Street.

Requesting bike parking permits

To request a bicycle parking permit via email, contact Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number and bicycle serial (identification) number.

Ask about your five free daily parking permits when you register your bike with the Parking and Transportation Services Department, for those days when riding your bike is not an option.

Why register your bicycle?

Registering your bike benefits both you and the University.

  1. It helps us to provide sufficient parking for bicycles.
  2. Knowing the number of bike riders on-campus helps us advocate for bike-friendly resources.
  3. The University will know how to contact you in case it’s necessary Ie.g., about a stolen seat or wheel, an apparent abandoned bicycle that is going to be removed and donated, a retrieved stolen bicycle, etc.)