Campus cycling map

Looking for routes, pumps, bike racks and other useful information for biking on campus? Use our campus cycling map.

You can pick-up a water-resistant, fold-out campus cycling guide (with map) at the Parking & Transportation Services building located on 16th street near the intersection with N. Virginia. We also try to stock various locations in the Joe Crowley Student Union such as the Welcome Desk.

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The campus bicycle map is a map of the University of Nevada, Reno main campus showing all of the buildings and the transportation routes (pathways and roadways) on campus and the roads surrounding the main campus: Virginia St. to the west, McCarran Blvd. to the north, Evans Ave. to the east and Ninth St. to the south. There is also a detail section showing the University buildings on Valley Rd.

The map legend includes the following:

  • Bike lanes
  • Shared use paths for both bikes and pedestrians
  • Walk zone only paths
  • Bicycle rack locations
  • Tire inflation stations
  • Bicycle locker locations
  • Bicycle repair station
  • Construction areas where access may be limited
    A note below the map legend reads: Construction zones are subject to change; see link to an updated construction map at

Bike lanes

The bike lanes around campus are located on the west side of Virginia St., the north and south sides of McCarran Blvd., and the east side of Evans Ave. from Jodi Way south to the top of the bend in the road just before the intersection with Record St. and then starting at the north part of Evans Ave. from Ninth St. heading south across I-80 where the map ends.

Shared use paths for both bikes and pedestrians, and Walk zone only paths

Almost all of the routes through campus and at the Valley road buildings are shared use for bikes and pedestrians, with two areas of exception that are designated as walk zones. The walk zones include:

  • All of the sidewalk areas in front (west) of the Joe Crowley Student Union and the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center and south to the William J. Raggio Building. The walk zone ends just about where the large staircase to the National Judicial College meets the sidewalk at the north end of the Raggio building.
  • The Hilliard Plaza. The walk zone extends from the north-east main entrance of the University Arts building, along the north end the Hilliard Plaza, and along the Plaza paths in front of the Schulich Lecture Hall and the Mack Social Science building until the pathways tee into the paved area in front of the Ansari Business Building at the south end of Hilliard Plaza.

Bike rack locations and number of racks at location

  • Anderson Health Sciences, 1
  • Ansari Business Building, 2
  • Applied Research Facility, 1
  • Between Anderson Health Science and Manville Health Sciences, 1
  • Brian K. Whalen Parking Complex, 1
  • Canada Hall, 2
  • Center for Molecular Medicine, 3
  • Central Services, 1
  • Continuing Education, 1
  • Davidson Mathematics & Science Center, 3
  • E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center, 2
  • Earthquake Engineering Laboratory, 1
  • Edmund J. Cain Hall, 2
  • Fitzgerald Student Services, 1
  • Fleischmann Agriculture, 1
  • Frandsen Humanities, 1
  • Harry Reid Engineering Laboratory, 1
  • Howard Medical Sciences, 1
  • Joe Crowley Student Union, 3
  • Jot Travis Building, 1
  • Juniper Hall, 2
  • Lawlor Events Center, 1
  • Legacy Hall, 1
  • Leifson Physics & Schulich Lecture Hall, 3
  • Life Science, 3
  • Lombardi Recreation Center, 3
  • Mack Social Science , 2
  • Mackay Science, 1
  • Manzanita Hall, 1
  • Marguerite W. Petersen Athletic Academic Center, 1
  • Mathewson -IGT Knowledge Center, 6
  • Nell J. Redfield, 1
  • Nevada State Health Laboratory, 1
  • Nye Hall, 2
  • Orvis Building, 1
  • Palmer Engineering, 2
  • Parking & Transportation, 1
  • Paul Laxalt Mineral Engineering, 1
  • Paul Laxalt Mineral Research, 1
  • Peavine Hall, 1
  • Ponderosa Village, 2
  • Reynolds School of Journalism, 1
  • Sarah H. Fleischmann Building, 1
  • Savitt Medical Sciences, 1
  • Scrugham Engineering/Mines, 1
  • Sierra Hall, 1
  • Special Children’s Clinic, 1
  • Sports Medicine Complex, 1
  • Thompson Building, 2
  • Virginia Street Gym, 1
  • William J. Raggio, 2
  • William N. Pennington Health Sciences Education, 2

Tire inflation stations

The tire inflation stations can be found at the following locations:

  • Parking & Transportation building
  • Between the Joe Crowley Student Union and the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center
  • Canada Hall

Bicycle lockers

  • East of the Reno KNPB building
  • Center for Molecular Medicine
  • Lombardi Recreation Center
  • Mack Social Science
  • Canada Hall
  • Fleischmann Agriculture
  • Renewable Resource Center at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Valley Road complex

Bicycle repair station

The repair stand is located between the Joe Crowley Student Union and the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center.

Other map features

  • The bottom left corner of map displays the League of American Bicyclists badge honoring the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bronze medal for being a Bicycle Friendly University, years 2015-2019.
  • For more information visit Bicycling on Campus. Contact for corrections, comments or questions regarding the map.
  • Map revised April 17, 2024.