Miriella Melara, Ph.D.

Teaching Associate Professor Emerius, French
Miriella Melara


Miriella Melara, Ph.D., lecturer of French, came to us from the University of California-Irvine, where she received her Ph.D. A native speaker of French, of Belgian ancestry, she teaches courses in French language, literature and culture. Her specialty is 19th-century French literature and she is currently working on a book-length manuscript on the relationship between the textual and the visual in Stendhal, Felix Nadar and Émile Zola. In the past, she was co-organizer of two lecture series held in Reno: on French colonialism and on Francophone literature. She is also very active in liaison activities with the community and the school district.


  • Ph.D., University of California-Irvine