Transfer Agreements

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2017 - 2018  Transfer Agreements

Transfer Articulation

See how your classes transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno. By selecting your previous school and the University, you can see if it will count for your major/minor.
Course Equivalency Table

Transfer Agreements

Important Notice: If you know your major area of study, please refer to the Major-To-Major Agreements. The General Core Agreements provide broad information; course selection within each area should be made in conjunction with advising from the transfer center. This is essential as there are variations in math, social science, natural science and diversity requirements for many majors. For example, if you self-advise on the math requirement and take a math course which may satisfy the core curriculum for one major, it may NOT satisfy the requirement for another major.

Reverse Transfer Process

Students who transfer from one of Nevada's four community colleges to the University of Nevada before completing an associate degree have the option of applying credits they earned at the state college or university toward the associate degree. This process is known as a reverse transfer.

To qualify, the student must have been previously enrolled at a Nevada community college and earned at least 15 credits at that community college before transferring to the university or state college. Once at the university or state college, the student must have accumulated at least 60 college level credits.

Students who believe they are eligible for reverse transfer should contact the community college they previously attended.