Proctored exams for other institutions

The Testing Center provides proctoring and a secure testing environment for individuals in the local area who are taking distance education classes or pursuing professional certifications. You do not need to be a University of Nevada, Reno student to use our services.

Frequently asked questions about proctored exams

  • How do I arrange for my exam to be proctored at the University Testing Center?

    First, notify your institution that we have agreed to proctor your exam. You will probably need to provide them with our contact and mailing information:


    University Testing Center
    University of Nevada, Reno
    M/S 0081
    ATTN: Justin Kavanaugh, Coordinator
    1664 North Virginia Street
    Reno, NV 89557
    Phone: (775) 682-9940

    Your institution will then mail or email your exam information to us directly. We cannot accept or return exams by fax. Because of the volume of exams we proctor you will not be notified when it arrives; please contact us to confirm that we have received your exam.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    Yes. Once you have confirmed that we have received your exam materials, you can set an appointment using our online scheduling form.

    • For Step 2, select “Proctored exam for another institution.”
    • For Step 3, select the appropriate option based on the total allotted time for your exam, including any breaks. If you are insure, contact the Testing Center to verify.
  • Is there a fee for proctoring?

    Yes. We charge a proctoring fee based on your exam’s allotted testing time. This fee is $21 per hour (or fraction thereof) with a minimum of two (2) hours.

    Your appointment must cover your full allotted testing time. If you book a shorter appointment than your exam requires, we will not administer your exam and no refund will be given. If you are uncertain of your exam’s allotted time, contact your institution or the Testing Center to confirm before you schedule your appointment.

  • What do I need to bring?

    You will need to bring a valid (unexpired) government-issued photo ID (see our identification policy). If other materials are approved for your exam (e.g., calculator, notes), bring those with you as well. The Testing Center will provide pencils and scratch paper, if required for your exam.

    If you are taking a paper exam that needs to be mailed back to your institution, you must provide us with a pre-addressed envelope with sufficient postage or a shipping label.

  • What shouldn't I bring?

    Please keep the items you bring to the Testing Center to a minimum. You are not permitted to take any personal items into the testing room with you. We have lockers to store your personal items—cell phones, wallets, keys, bags, jackets, sunglasses, etc.—or you may leave them in your vehicle.

    Our largest lockers measure 12” W x 18” D x 24” H. Please do not bring oversized items, valuables, large sums of cash or anything you would feel uncomfortable leaving in a locker.

  • Where is the Testing Center located and where do I park?

    The Testing Center is located in the William J. Raggio Building, Room 1003. Our check-in desk is at the far north end of the ground floor.

    For information about parking on campus, see our parking information page.

  • What if I am running late or need to reschedule?

    Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to check in, secure your belongings, etc. Please contact us by phone at (775) 682-9940 or by email at if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment. In many cases, we can move your appointment to a later time on the same day, or we can re-schedule your appointment for another day.

  • What if I need to cancel my appointment? Can I get a refund?

    If you need to cancel your appointment entirely, please contact the Testing Center by phone at (775) 682-9940 or by email at as soon as possible. If you cancel your appointment in advance, you can receive a 50 percent refund of your proctoring fee. Please allow five-to-seven business days for your refund to post to your bank or credit card.

    We are unable to give refunds for missed appointments, except in cases of a documented emergency

  • I have other questions not answered here. Where can I go for help?

    Please feel free to contact the Testing Center by phone at (775) 682-9940 or by email at Phone messages are returned within 1 business day; emails will usually receive a quicker response.