Sexual assault policy

The University of Nevada, Reno, has established a specific policy against threatened, attempted or actual sexual assault by a student against any member of the university community. This policy was established to promote a community free from intimidation and harassment and to protect students from being subject to sexual assault.

Sexual assault is defined as any sexual contact forced upon a person, including but not limited to: stranger rape, acquaintance rape, attempted rape, and sexual battery (unwanted touching, holding, kissing, and so forth). A sexual encounter is considered an assault if one person proceeds to have sex with another person without his or her consent to the act. Sexual assault is considered to be committed by force and against another person's will even if that person is: unconscious, asleep, drugged, intoxicated or mentally unstable; and therefore cannot be agreeing to the act while under the use of his or her full faculties.

Any student found responsible for acts of sexual assault within the University community will be subject to disciplinary action. A victim of sexual assault should report the incident and seek the appropriate attention (medical care, emotional support, disciplinary action) from the campus or community agencies offering resources (student health services, counseling center, police department, student conduct, the University's sexual assault prevention program, the Reno Crisis Center and other agencies). A student need not officially report an incident in order to be provided assistance. Reports may be confidential, based upon the student's desires.