Student organization conduct history

The Office of Student Conduct supports opportunities for student development and student success achieved through clubs and organizations. The Student Code of Conduct establishes an expectation that students involved in clubs and organizations — recognized by the University of Nevada, Reno — will demonstrate high standards of behavior.

The Office of Student Conduct has jurisdiction when allegations of misconduct by a club or organization are reported and will investigate the allegations. The investigations of misconduct by a club or organization may result in findings of responsibility for the group and/or the individual members of the group.

Disciplinary action against the club or organization is determined on a case-by-case basis. The conduct process for clubs and organizations is not only a disciplinary process, but an educational process. The process is designed to educate students about the importance of community-based resolution of misconduct and to provide a learning experience for the student(s) involved.

This educational process has the potential of resulting in developmental growth, changes in behavior, and increased understanding of obligations and privileges within the university community for students, clubs, and organizations. For more information about clubs and organizations on our campus, please refer to the following: Student Clubs and Organizations, Nevada Athletics and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.


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