Section V: Emergency Removal from the University

  1. The President, or designee, may impose an immediate emergency removal (hereafter, “removal”) prior to the resolution of a charge of violation of the rules of conduct on the charged student. This removal includes the immediate exclusion from the institution and all of the institution’s campuses, sites, locations, and property of a student for an interim period whenever the President determines that this is required to:
    1. Ensure the safety and well-being of members of the institution’s community;
    2. Protect institution property;
    3. Prevent the student from posing an ongoing threat of disruption of, or interference with, the normal operations of the institution; or
    4. Protect any student from discrimination, including sexual harassment or retaliation for the report of discrimination, including sexual harassment.
  2. When an emergency removal is imposed, the charged student shall be denied access to the institution, including classes and all other institutional activities or privileges for which the student might otherwise be eligible, as the President, or designee may determine to be appropriate.
    1. During the time of the removal from the institution, the student may not come onto institutional property for any reason other than meeting with the appropriate official(s) regarding resolution of the emergency removal and the student conduct violation.
    2. The student conduct officer or coordinator may permit the student to participate in distance learning classes that do not include entering onto institutional property and provide adequate protections to prevent any of the conditions of (1), (2), (3) or (4), above, from occurring.
    3. Any student so removed shall be afforded an opportunity for a hearing on the emergency removal no later than fourteen (14) calendar days following the removal unless the student agrees to delay the hearing to a later time.
    4. A hearing officer shall hold the hearing under the hearing procedures of the rules of conduct where those may be applicable.
    5. The student conduct hearing officer or coordinator shall make a recommendation to the President.
    6. The President’s decision upon the hearing officer’s recommendation shall be final. The removal does not replace the regular disciplinary process, which shall proceed under this chapter.
  3. The emergency removal does not replace the regular disciplinary process, which shall proceed on the normal schedule, up to and through a hearing, if required.
  4. In circumstances where the student is removed for the student's own emotional and personal safety, an informal meeting shall occur with the Assistant Dean and the student. The meeting will focus on developing a plan to assist the student with identifying personal and academic needs in order to return.
  5. Emergency removal from University owned and/or managed housing shall follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Residence Life, Housing, and Food Service License Agreement and Residential Life Community Rules.