Grant Mastick

Co-Director of Undergraduate BS Neuroscience Program, Professor
Headshot of Grant Mastick


To build a brain, the embryo must produce a spatially organized array of a vast number of neurons, then interconnect them. Our research group uses genetic and molecular approaches in mouse and chick embryos to investigate the functions of specific genes in brain development. This research has implications for the molecular therapy of neurological disease and injury, and is funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Our current research is on the migration of neurons and their axons through the developing brain. We investigate how molecular signals guide axons to migrate precisely long distances on longitudinal pathways, how cranial nerves grow out to connect to muscles, and also how neuron cell bodies settle in specific positions.  Our studies focus on a system of signals, the Slit/Robo repellents and the Netrin attractants, to understand the mechanisms by which opposing signals are integrated by neurons.

Research areas

Neuroscience; Genetics; Cell Biology; Developmental Biology


  • Alma College, MI, B.S. Biology, Chemistry, 1986
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Ph.D. Biological Sciences, 1992
  • University of Michigan, Postdoctoral Fellow, Developmental Neurobiology, 1992-1998

Currently in the Mastick lab

  • Minkyung Kim, PhD.  Research Assistant Professor.  Motor neuron migration; Longitudinal axon guidance.
  • Claudia Garcia Pena, PhD. Postdoctoral Fellow. Oculomotor neuron development and migration.
  • Sarah Barnum, technician.
  • Jennifer Li, Biology major. Axon guidance.
  • Chase Johnson, undergraduate. Axon guidance.
  • Sterling Louw, undergraduate. Axon guidance.

Recent graduates

  • Brielle Bjorke, PhD, Biochemistry. Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Carleton College, MN
  • Roland Watson, Biology BS.
  • Thijmen Sijnesael, visiting MS student, University of Raboud, Netherlands.
  • Clare Lee, Biology major. UCSF Dentistry.
  • Eric Robinson, BS/MS Biotechnology.
  • John Pietz, Chemistry and Music majors. United States Navy.
  • Christian Mohino, Biology major. PhD student, University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Michelle Vesser, Davidson High School student. University of Edinburgh.
  • Farnaz Shoja-Taheri, PhD, CMB. Postdoctoral fellow, Georgia.
  • Katherine Weller, MS, CMB. University of Nevada School of Medicine.
  • Hannah Jordan Gruner, MS, CMB. Postdoctoral fellow, UCSF.
  • Arielle Demarco, Biotechnology BS/MS. Hamilton, Reno.
  • Juliana Medeiros Oliveira, visiting Medical Student from Brazil. Spring 2015.
  • Marcelle Freire, visiting Medical Student from Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Brazil.
  • Siavash Mojibian, Neuroscience major. Pharmacy School, Rutgers.
  • Tatiana Fontelonga, Biotechnology BS/MS. PhD student, UNR.
  • Stacey Wong. Biochemistry BS/MD early admission; Class of 2015, UN School of Medicine.
  • Suman Gurung (Biotechnology BS/MS Degree Program, 2012.) PhD student, Biological Sciences, U Missouri.
  • Christine Schlemmer, Neuroscience BS, 2012. Class of 2016, UN School of Medicine.
  • Joshua Catapano, Biology BS, 2011. Class of 2016, UN School of Medicine.
  • Leila Nakhaee, Neuroscience BS 2013. Physician Assistant student, UC Davis.


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