Empowered Leaders Program


The main purpose of the Empowered Leaders Program is to equip participants with the tools, skillsets and information needed to be successful in a global workforce and in their own personal lives. Student leaders in the Empowered Leaders Program work collaboratively with The Multicultural Center staff to serve as ambassadors of identity, equity and inclusion for the campus community through student-led projects and events.

Learning outcomes

Student leaders participating in the program will:

  • Gain skills needed to work in an office environment, including professional correspondence, customer service practices, relationship building, and more.
  • Learn how to communicate information and resources related to issues of identity, equity and inclusion.
  • Practice wellness management skills, including time management and other mental health strategies.
  • Learn skills that pertain to their specific leadership positions and initiatives.
  • Develop and maintain welcoming physical and virtual spaces for students to learn and connect with one another.

Student leader groups

The Empowered Leaders program consists of three branches of paid student leaders in our department:

Multicultural Community Educators

Multicultural Community Educators are responsible for collaborating with one another as well as with staff, student organizations, University departments and community organizations to develop small and medium events for the campus community. Each Multicultural Community Educator has a specific identity or community they develop events for, as well as full-time staff members that they work closely with to plan and execute events.

Kind Pack Mentors

Kind Pack Mentors work collaboratively to plan and develop a mentorship program focused on well-being that primarily targets freshmen, sophomore and transfer students who come from historically minoritized communities. Kind Pack mentors hold weekly meetings with their mentees and facilitate learning sessions on different topics of well-being.

Storytelling Leaders

Storytelling Leaders provide media and design support for The Multicultural Center. Storytelling Leaders are expected to provide advice and guidance on how to communicate information and tell the story of the work we do at The Multicultural Center. Storytelling Leaders are expected to work collaboratively with one another as well as with the other student leaders and full-time staff in the department.

Interested in joining?

Please note that recruitment for Empowered Leader positions takes place over the summer for the upcoming academic year. Positions will be posted on Workday.

Interested in more information? Please reach out to us at thecenter@unr.edu.