Funding your degree program

Students admitted to the Molecular Biosciences Ph.D. programs are automatically offered research or teaching assistantship positions during the first year (a separate application for financial assistance is not required).

Currently, the assistantship carries a stipend of $26,000/yr. In addition, Ph.D. graduate assistants receive a partial tuition waiver, which is worth approximately $18,411 per year. Students on graduate assistantships at the University of Nevada, Reno are also covered by the university health insurance plan, which is worth approximately $3,404 per year.

Therefore, the total value of a Graduate Assistantship package is approximately $48,215.

Funding resources from the Graduate School

The Graduate School maintains lists of additional funding opportunities from both University and external sources

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association provides various financial support opportunities to graduate students such as scholarships, awards, and loans. 

Funding resources for international students

Information about scholarships and financial aid for international students is also available on the Office of International Students and Scholars website.

Campus resources

The Student Services Division has many great resources to aid in student success. You'll find support links for academics, health, culture, financial and more.