Prospective Students


Is Mackay for you?

Are you interested in:

  • Discovering & developing mineral resources, or engineering the extraction of those resources and manufacturing the final products?
  • Sustaining the environment and making sure there are enough environmental resources for future generations?
  • Recent natural hazards and how the earth works, or would you like to design structures to better withstand potential hazards?
  • How climate change will affect coastlines and water availability as the Earth nears the end of the 10,000-year long warm period (interglacial)?
  • How life has changed through geological time and the geological conditions that caused the changes?
  • The origin of planet earth and how it compares to other planets in the Solar System?

If any of these sound good, then Mackay is for you!

Our majors are interdisciplinary and focus on environmental awareness while bettering our quality of life. Mackay Students are prepared to become professionals in these and other areas.

Come See Us on Campus

Talk to our faculty and current students, visit a lab, sit in on a class and learn what Mackay can offer!

For more information contact:
Elizabeth Ball
Coordinator of Student Recruitment