Latino Student Advisory Board

The Latino Research Center Student Advisory Board is primarily composed of University students, but also incorporates ideas and suggestions from faculty members and prominent community leaders, who strive for the enhancement of the Hispanic community in Nevada through public outreach, academic excellence and political movements.

The Latino Student Advisory Board is the longest running student club at the University. The board meets regularly to discuss different topics related to Latinos and about different leadership approaches both in the community and on campus. The group received the ASUN Award for the best new club the year it was formed (2007) and Carla Castedo, former President, received the Club Leader Award of the Year (2012). The board was able to get the first Latino column “Latino Voices” in the Nevada Sagebrush. They have also worked in mentoring programs for Latinx students in elementary, middle and high school. The board created the “Beyond Government Aid” program, helping high school students with their résumés and look for scholarships. They have also worked at the community level with voter registration drives, supporting Immigration Reform at the Nevada Legislature, driver authorization cards, working on DACA and Citizenship workshops, and in civic engagement and leadership trainings. Each year, the board helps organize Cesar Chavez Day, La Bienvenida (now SomosNevada) and the Dia de Los Muertos celebration on campus.