Hall Cushman

Professor, Community & Climate-Change Ecology
hall cushman


My research addresses a wide range of questions in ecology at the population, community, ecosystem and landscape levels. I am particularly interested in 1) the ecological consequences of anthropogenic climate change, 2) the long-term dynamics of tree and shrub populations, 3) the restoration of riparian corridors in arid landscapes, 4) the influence of native and domestic herbivores on plant and animal communities, and 5) the ecology and impacts of invasive, non-native plant species. My work has a strong applied emphasis and strives to provide science-based insights about the management and restoration of human-altered landscapes.

I have a diverse group of graduate students, postdocs and research technicians working with me on projects in ecology, conservation biology and restoration ecology – and am always on the look-out for bright, motivated individuals who want to join our group.

Courses & Teaching Responsibilities

Natural Resource Ecology (NRES 217); Plant Ecology (NRES 347); Climate-Change Policy (EECB 751)


B.S. Marlboro College
M.S. University of Arizona
Ph.D. Northern Arizona University