Bylaws for Northeast/Central Cooperative Extension

  • Ratified by NE/C Area Faculty 2/23/01
  • Approved by the Area Director 4/27/01
  • Approved by the Dean 6/1/01
  • Faculty Senate review 3/4/02

Table of Contents


Mission Statement

The Northeast /Central Area's mission is to “develop, disseminate, preserve and use knowledge to strengthen the social, economic and environmental well-being of people”.


Part 1 — Introduction

Chapter I — Bylaws


Part 2 — Organization and administrative structure

Chapter II — Units


Chapter III — Administration


Chapter IV — Faculty


Part 3 — Faculty personnel policies

Chapter I — Faculty rights


Chapter II — Grievances


Chapter III — Professional responsibilities, evaluation, and personnel recommendations


Chapter IV — Tenure


Chapter V — Nonreappointment, dismissal, termination, and changes in contractual status


Chapter VI — Search procedures