Bylaws of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • Approved by the Department Faculty on January 17, 2017
  • Approved by the Dean of the College of Engineering on May 10, 2017

Table of Contents

  1. Bylaws
    1. Authorization
    2. Scope of these Bylaws
    3. Adoption and Amendment
  2. Mission of the Mechanical Engineering Dept.
  3. Organization
    1. Department Chair
    2. Faculty
    3. Adjunct Faculty
    4. Committees
      1. Standing Committees
      2. Ad Hoc Committees
    5. Industrial Advisory Council
    6. Voting Procedures
  4. Personnel Policies
    1. Recruitment of Tenure Track Faculty
    2. Retention of Tenure Track Faculty
    3. Promotion and Tenure
      1. Promotion and Tenure Committees
      2. Department Criteria for Tenure, Promotion & Merit
  5. Faculty
    1. Professional Responsibilities
    2. Consulting
    3. Use of Department’s Facilities
  6. Department Chair
    1. Duties of Department Chair
    2. Selection of Department Chair
    3. Term of Office of the Department Chair
    4. Removal of the Department Chair
    5. Evaluation of the Department Chair

1. Bylaws


2. Mission of the Mechanical Engineering Department

The mission of the mechanical engineering department is:

To provide undergraduate and graduate educational programs which emphasize fundamental mechanical engineering skills, such that:

  • The graduates are competitive in local, national, and international employment opportunities.
  • The core curricula are broadly based to accommodate a variety of career goals.

To provide the faculty and students an environment for scholarly research and innovation.

To act as a focal point for engineering practitioners and industry through industry/university cooperative efforts.

To develop and cultivate life-long learning opportunities.


3. Organization


4. Personnel Policies


5. Faculty


6. Department Chair