Thematic cluster form

The thematic cluster is the heart of the Bachelor of General Studies degree and the development of the cluster should be a thoughtful process.

Thematic cluster requirements

  • A minimum of 30 thematically related credits will comprise the cluster.
  • At least 18 of these credits must be at or above the 300-level.
  • The thematic cluster should be approved one to two semesters prior to applying for graduation.
  • Cluster credits will come either from course across two colleges (must be a ratio of 5:5 or 6:4) or three departments within one college (must be a ratio of 3:3:4 or 2:4:4)
  • A maximum of 9 credits from a declared minor may be applied toward the thematic cluster

Thematic cluster instructions

Write a narrative that clearly explains the importance of the thematic cluster to your
educational and/or career goals. Your narrative should not exceed 10 pages, double-spaced,
and must include the following:

  • A title, representative of the content of your thematic cluster.
  • A description of the courses you propose for your thematic cluster.
  • An explanation of how the content of the courses fits together to form a coherent program of study that interests you.
  • A discussion of the ways in which the thematic cluster fits your educational, career, and/or personal goals.
  • College-level writing. All policies regarding academic integrity will be strictly enforced

Submit your cluster proposal