Documents & Policies

Invention Disclosure

An Invention and Technology Disclosure should be made when something new and useful has been conceived or developed, or when unusual, unexpected, or non-obvious research results have been achieved.

The purpose is to record what was invented or created and the circumstances under which it was made or conceived, and to provide the basis for assessing its commercial and patent potential. This disclosure is a legally important document which should be prepared completely and carefully.


Licensing agreements are used for University start-up/spin-out companies to license intellectual property on behalf of the inventor(s). It is not intended for use by outside/independent companies. Read about the details of the express licensing process and contact E&I directly to discuss licensing.

Research Agreements & Technology Transfer

Visit the Sponsored Projects’ research agreements page for more information on technology transfer policy, and details on the following:

University's IP Policy

View the University's intellectual property policy (policy 6507 in the University Administrative Manual).

Conflict of Interest

Find information on the University’s conflict of interest policies and how they relate to intellectual property through the Research Integrity Office.