About Us

Enterprise & Innovation was formed from restructuring the Technology Transfer Office in order to facilitate creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University. Enterprise & Innovation is comprised for four pillars:

  • Technology Transfer
  • University of Nevada, Reno Innevation Center—Powered By Switch
  • Nevada Center for Applied Research
  • Nevada Industry Excellence

Enterprise & Innovation, in its technology transfer role, seeks to protect and commercialize the innovations produced via research activities at the University of Nevada, Reno. The office evaluates research innovations for their commercial potential as well as manages any intellectual property protection that might be necessary. Enterprise & Innovation seeks industry partners to license the innovations for development into products that will be launched into the marketplace. In some cases, faculty start their own companies to commercialize their work. Enterprise & Innovation works to support faculty through licensing as well as assisting with mentoring and finding business and management support.

Enterprise & Innovation carries out a number of other functions, such as working with faculty to facilitate their research activities and collaborations with other institutions and with commercial partners. Enterprise & Innovation also serves as an interface between the University and the business community, including economic development efforts.

The University’s instructional and research faculty provide a wide variety of world class expertise in areas such as environmental research and conservation, nanotechnology, molecular bioscience and biotechnology, health science, computer science, agricultural science, engineering, seismic engineering, mining engineering, high energy density, chemistry and physics. For more information about the University, please visit unr.edu.