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It is recommended that students meet with an academic adviser at least once each semester to discuss course selection, progress toward graduation and to create a lasting connection with faculty and staff within the English department.

Schedule an Appointment
Phone: (775) 784-6689

How to schedule an appointment

To schedule advising appointments, contact the English Department for availability. Please include your NSHE number, your major/minor, the purpose for the appointment, a couple options for scheduling and your preferred advisor, if there is one.

Prepare for your appointment

  1. Check your record in MyNevada to clarify courses you still need to take and list non-English courses you need to take on a sheet of paper.
  2. Print out the worksheet for your English specialization and cross off English classes already taken.
  3. Sketch out a rough plan of your remaining semesters, with potential courses highlighted on the worksheet.
  4. Print and fill out any forms that require the advisor's signature, such as declaration of major or minor.

Major/Minor Worksheets

Major and minor declaration forms can be found on the Academic Central forms page.

English Specialization Catalog Descriptions and Recommended Four-Year Plans:

Find tentative future course offerings by reviewing our course rotation lists. Please note: these are provisional rotations and scheduled to change! Please meet with an advisor to get more up-to-date information about next semester.

Meet your advisors