INNOVATION DAY 2022 | biomedical engineering

Capstone instructor

Yantao Shen
Yantao Shen

The 2022 Senior Capstone course in biomedical engineering was taught by Yantao Shen. To learn more about the biomedical engineering projects, please email Yantao Shen.

About the department

From electromagnetics to biosensors to smart grids, we're on the cutting-edge of electrical and biomedical engineering research and training our students to be successful leaders in the field. Visit the Department of Electrical & Biomedical Engineering

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  • BME-16 (RoamON Runners)

    Team: Connor Witherspoon, Chris Dyson, Jake Almaraz

    Our product, RoamON, allows you to hike the Grand Canyon, take a stroll on the beach or even scale Mount Everest, all from the comfort of your home. RoamON Virtual Reality shoes give you the ability to explore and experience the beauties of the world while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all from the comfort of your home.

    BME-16 Lighting Talk


    Team: Armaan Aguilar, Jacob Bercovich, Brandon Velasquez

    Our project uses an RGB camera to record blinks per minute and heart rate value, noncontact. The program warns the user of eye strain if beats per minute (bpm) is too low.

    BME-17 Lighting Talk

  • BME-18 (Nurse's Call)

    Team: Eduardo Polizello, Anthony Tolosano, Victoria Matos Sanin

    Alarm Fatigue is one of the most important issues in nursing. Reducing the harm caused by clinical alarm systems is still a goal. Our product will help to categorize the different alarms, letting the nurses know if a patient needs urgent attention, and will help to improve the communication between patients and nurses.

    BME-18 Lighting Talk

  • BME-19 (TheraVest)

    Team: Emily Smith, Aleyna Gilson, Emily Bobrowsky, Haley Jack

    Our project is a therapeutic vest that combines compression, heat and vibration in order to alleviate the symptoms of sensory overload meltdowns commonly seen in people with conditions such as anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, ADD, etc.

    BME-19 Lighting Talk