INNOVATION DAY 2021 | electrical engineering

Capstone instructor

Sesh Commuri
Sesh Commuri

The 2021 Senior Capstone course in electrical engineering was taught by Sesh Commuri. To learn more about the electrical engineering projects, please email Sesh Commuri.

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  • EE-01 (Direct Carriage Kids)

    Team: Jose Camarena-Garcia, David Nichols, Tanner German, Marco Guerrero

    External Advisors: Yantao Shen, Paloma Cepeda Andrade, Seth Draper, Brian and Nagy

    Wagon with D.C. motor to assist the adult pulling the wagon in order to reduce physical fatigue on the arm. Wagon is focused on child (ages 1-5) transportation. Wagon will feature a 12V rechargeable battery. Safety is crucial and electrical components are safely implemented and can only be accessed using magnetic keys.

    EE -01 Lighting Talk

  • EE-02 (Simply Cornhole Self Scoring Cornhole System)

    Team: Allison Stubberud, Caleb Dunmore, Winston Reugebrink, Elizabeth Ericksen

    The product we are producing here at Simply Cornhole is a self-scoring cornhole game set. The self-scoring aspect of the set is achieved using RFID technology. The cornhole bags have an RFID chip embedded in them which sends a signal to an antenna attached to the underside. This signal is converted to a digital value that is stored on a microcontroller, and the value of the signal will be used to determine whether the bag is on the board (1 point), in the hole (3 points), or off the board (0 points). After all of the bags from both teams are thrown, the user will press a button on our phone application that will end the round of the cornhole game, calculate the game score, and display the new score on the app. After a team reaches exactly 21 points, the game will end and the user will be able to press a button on the app to start a new game and reset the team scores.

    EE-02 Lighting Talk

  • EE-03 (The EYE Alarm)

    Team: Tyler Nual, Wenny Lu, Joshua Chang, Kamren Ocampo

    Our project is a fire alarm device that uses a combination of Arduino boards, various sensors (passive infrared, flame, smoke), and transmitters/receivers to detect not only the presence of flame and smoke, but a human presence as well. The device does this by having passive infrared sensors detect motion when a human moves through its field of view. A separate graphical user interface on a computer monitor also shows information such as if flame or smoke was detected, and the last time that a human presence was detected.

    EE-03 Lighting Talk

  • EE-04 (Active Air Filtration Monitoring System)

    Team: Brenden Storck, Kulson Noraas, Matthew Egan, Richard Bargeri 

    A big problem with respirators currently is that there is no way to accurately know when a filter change is needed. On a job site a new filter is put in in the morning and assume that at the end of the day it’s time to replace it, but oftentimes the filter is well oversaturated by that point. In addition, with the current COVID-19 situation, people wear paper or cloth masks that don’t actually filter anything out and have no indication of when the mask is soiled. This problem is important to industrial job sites because it would allow site supervisors to improve their safety rating and reduce air quality related health issues in the workers. It is important to the world during the COVID-19 outbreak because it would allow people to feel safer when out and about and would allow store employees to see whether or not their customers have a contaminated mask. Therefore, as necessity is the mother of invention, our company, Heire, based out of Reno, decided to invent an Active Air Filtration Monitoring System, or AAFMS for short.

    EE-04 Lighting Talk

  • EE-05 (Skeleton Key: Multi-Keyfob for All Things)

    Team: James Condie, Sofiia Hudilina, Rowell Mascardo, Jasmine Ramirez 

    The problem that we are addressing is the issue that having many keys is cumbersome and can get confusing when more and more keys are being used. A deliverable from this project is a key fob that is capable of learning multiple signals from other key fobs and using it to manipulate their respective locks. Our current solution works by reducing the number of keys one has to keep track of.  The importance of the problem is that we are addressing the older generation that may already have a hard time recollecting which key unlocks which lock. Though generalized for the elderly many people will benefit from this for that it will simplify their key ring and they will not be burdened by having too many keys or key fobs. Our device will be able to emulate up to 1024 of your most-used keys.

    EE-05 Lighting Talk

  • EE-06 (EZgreen House Project)

    Team: Rodolfo Alfaro-Carcoba, Matthew Stuart, Mohammad Arshad, Jaime Rodriguez, Chase Terry

    The EZgreen House project is a self-sustaining indoor garden that allows for the user to be able to easily grow plants, fruits, and vegetables indoors. The project is designed to always water plants based on the soil conditions and implements the use of various sensors, water pumps, and PID control to always have the plants' soil at a healthy moisture level. The project also aims to notify the user's phone via twitter to let them know when to refill the containers or when the ambient temperature is dangerous for the plants. With our project we aim to increase the amount of people that indoor garden and to improve the quality of life of the people who already indoor garden.

    EE-06 Lighting Talk

  • EE-07 (S.O.CELL)

    Team: Rachael Young, Brooke Lanier, Jay Denoncourt, Sunny Szutu

    The Solar-Operated Cellular Charger (S.O.CELL) allows for a greater understanding of using solar power to provide an effective and low-cost source of energy. S.O.CELL is a 30-port solar powered cell phone charging station that would provide a more accessible charging system for areas that are in critical need of it.

    EE-07 Lighting Talk

  • EE-08 (The Freedom Self-Loading Kit)

    Team: Michael Williams, Cullen Todd, Michael Miller, Matthew Perera, Jacob Zielinski

    The Freedom Self-Loading Kit is an add-on kit for electric powered mobility scooters. It is designed to help disabled people who cannot load their scooter and get into the vehicle on their own. It does this by staying at the driver's side door while the user gets into the vehicle, then once activated by the user via a remote fob the Freedom Kit will take control of the scooter, have it back along the side of the vehicle to the designated loading ramp (either the rear or passenger side) and load into the vehicle. The scooter will then beep to signify the loading sequence is finished.

    EE-08 Lighting Talk

  • EE-09 (HydroCap)

    Team: Raymond Dang, Adam Lopes, Cole Lewis, Greg Billingsley

    HydroCap is a cap that replaces the lids on reusable water bottles that autonomously tracks water intake levels. The three main features of HydroCap are affordability, convenience, and ease of use. The product will be an add-on feature rather than a standalone product; meaning in terms of pricing, it will be more affordable compared to its competitors. In terms of convenience, customers will likely already have a reusable water bottle and would be able to take off their current cap and replace it with the HydroCap. For ease of use, an application can be downloaded which is compatible with Android and iOS devices where users will have access to their water tracking information that will be synced over from the device via bluetooth. For the physical product, the HydroCap will look like a regular cap but will have hidden electronics inside it. We hope to establish healthy drinking habits and to provide essential information for healthy living.

    EE-09 Lighting Talk

  • EE-10 (Prestige Pill Dispenser)

    Team: Bally Xu, Sae Byuk Lee, David (Scott) Bolin, Brandon Ijima

    Prestige Pill Dispenser aims to address the avoidable death caused by improper medical dosage being taken by creating a safe and innovative time-release pill dispenser.

    EE-10 Lighting Talk

  • EE-11 (Soundvision)

    Team: Max Cryer, Daniel Lampson, Tyler Garcia, Juan Melo

    Soundvision is a wearable hearing device for the hearing impaired. The device incorporates frequency analysis, word recognition, person detection, and audio playback to enhance the quality of life of a deaf user. Soundvision is also significantly less expensive and more feature rich than traditional hearing loss solutions such as hearing aids and cochlear implants.

    EE-11 Lighting Talk

  • EE-12 (STEMosaur)

    Team: William Kemp, Corben Parado, Danielle Gould, Colton Clausen, Austin Primack

    Our team is developing a desktop CNC milling machine for designing and manufacturing prototype PCBs for educational purposes in the STEM field. The main purpose of the product is to increase interest in the STEM field and provide an easy to use tool for teachers to educate students in the STEM field. The product will allow the user to design a PCB using open source software and implement that design using the milling capability of the CNC machine. One of the main features of the machine is the safety features which include an E-STOP button and a safety switch that stops the machine if the mill enclosure is removed.

    EE-12 Lighting Talk