INNOVATION DAY 2021 | biomedical engineering

Capstone instructor

Yantao Shen
Yantao Shen

The 2021 Senior Capstone course in biomedical engineering was taught by Yantao Shen. To learn more about the biomedical engineering projects, please email Yantao Shen.

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  • BME-13 (6-Sense)

    Team: Cassandra Hergenrader, Sarah Cronk, Parker Miller, Eric Nelson

    6-Sense is a wearable shirt that is equipped with ultrasonic sensors designed to assist visually impaired individuals by alerting the user with a vibration-sound alert system whenever an object gets within 3 meters of them. This product was designed to increase the peripheral vision of visually impaired individuals to allow them to be more independent. 6-Sense will be based out of Reno, Nevada and is made up of Cassie Hergenrader, Sarah Cronk, Parker Miller, Eric Nelson, and Bryan Lee.

    BME-13 Lighting Talk

  • BME-14 (All-in-one Baby Bottle: Luna)

    Team: Victoria Defilippi, Nolan Lanza, Sarita Brown, Casey O'Brien

    Luna is a new and improved baby bottle that will mix in baby formula and heat the formula to the desired temperature by touching a button. By incorporating a thermoelectric cooler, a microcontroller, and a temperature sensor, this bottle will heat the milk to the desired temperature.  Using a magnetic plate and a stirring bar,  the bottle will have a mess-free method of stirring the formula. Luna will have a measurement scale on the side for the parents to track how much the infant has consumed.

    BME-14 Lighting Talk

  • BME-15 (Eyes UP)

    Team: Susie Cho, Garrett Cash, Alea Martin, Anjana Dissanayaka

    The Eyes UP device is a neck posture monitoring system that aims to correct the user's neck posture, which has been associated with health problems such as muscle strain and compression of the cervical spine. The design of Eyes UP utilizes three bend sensors embedded in a compression-like fabric to monitor the alignment of the cervical spine and detect when poor habits are developing. The values from the sensors will be transferred to an Arduino which will be programmed to process the resistance values into indications of neck posture. The values will be compared to a pre-set range that correlates with the user's "proper posture range." This process will be coupled with a detection function that will recognize when the user's posture is outside the "proper posture range." Deviation from proper posture for a pre-set amount of time will initiate a vibration response on the neck area, indicating to the user that posture realignment is necessary. Through competitive analysis, the Eyes UP device is clearly unique and would be successful in the current market. The primary design is currently being prototyped and significant progress has been made in the development of this device.

    BME-15 Lighting Talk

  • BME-16 (Stable and Able)

    Team: Jared Vlach, Tricia Isabelle Juan, Celine Canlas, Lesly Carrasco, John Lee

    Stable and Able is a new and innovative smart balancing rollator that focuses on imbalance detection and correction. In the walking aid market, most mobility aid designs have not changed much over the years. Because of these simple designs and improper use, elderly falls account for over $50 billion in medical fees and over 32,000 deaths each year. However, our device utilizes multiple pressure sensors to detect uneven weight displacement moments prior to a potential fall. As this data is collected, multiple servo motors activate simultaneously in multiple directions, shifting the user's weight in the correct direction according to their improper weight displacement. By correcting the weight imbalance, the Stable and Able rollator can successfully reduce the enormous total of medical fees and provide the elderly population with more safety and freedom in their later years where physical strength may deteriorate. In doing so, the Stable and Able rollator will be a highly competitive and marketable product, providing independence and safety for the elderly that current products do not.

    BME-16 Lighting Talk