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The University of Nevada, Reno and the College of Education is committed to creating a culture of student success and completion. Our five-day intensive academic bootcamp is designed to increase success for freshmen joining the College of Education in majors of Human Development and Family Studies, Integrated Elementary Teaching, and Secondary Education. We also welcome undecided students.

The primary goal of FIT2Care is to help students transition successfully from high school to college. FIT2Care provides a realistic orientation to the style, pace, intensity and rigor of college courses with actual course professors. After completing this mandatory program, students are better prepared for their first semester of college. FIT2Care takes place the week before school starts.

FIT2Care works

Fit2Care Statistic 1

4 yr graduation rate of those who participate: 40% higher

Fit2Care Statistic 1

Average GPA of Fit2Care Students: 0.35 points higher than those who do not!

Mandatory for all incoming freshmen notification This program (EDU 109) is mandatory for all incoming freshmen!

Students at the 2017 Fit2Care camp

Benefits of FIT2Care Include

  • Moving into the dorms early
  • Getting to know the campus before classes start
  • Learning about campus resources
  • Starting college with an understanding of expectations

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Student FIR2Care Activities

What do Students do at FIT2Care?

  • Meet community members in their field of interest
  • Attend lectures with College of Education faculty members
  • Gain more in-depth knowledge about their fields of study

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