Pre-Award Grant Support

While each grant submission is different, below are general guidelines used for commonly asked grant support questions. Our grant specialist is here to provide support to all faculty throughout the grant process.

Grant Resources

The College of Education & Human Development is committed to providing proposal development and processing support to our faculty, staff, and students preparing sponsored project proposals, that are not being processed through a Center.  To maximize the use of our resources, please contact us as soon as possible.  

Proposal Submission Process

  • Step 1: Before you begin

    Please note the following elements are required for you to be able to successfully process and submit a proposal to a funding agency:

    InfoEd Training

    All faculty must attend an InfoEd training session hosted by Sponsored Projects prior to getting access to create a proposal file in the InfoEd system. Sponsored Projects conducts training sessions throughout the year. For a training schedule, access this link:

    InfoEd Training Schedule

    or contact Erika Waday ( directly.

    Conflict of Interest Disclosure

    All faculty must complete an annual conflict of interest disclosure. This can be accomplished via the InfoEd system by selecting the ‘External Interests’ box on your InfoEd home page, and following the instructions within.

    Individual Registrations

    A few submission systems require an individual registration prior to the submission of any proposal. For other submission systems, please verify within the solicitation announcement about any individual registration or profile required to successfully respond to a solicitation.

  • Step 2: College of Education & Human Development proposal support

    Begin this step as soon as you decide to submit a proposal. Contact Pre-Award Grant Coordinator right away.

  • Step 3: InfoEd & other sponsor applications

    All proposals (regardless of sponsor or amount) require an InfoEd file to be created, including agencies/organizations that contact you directly stating that they would like to give you funding.

    • Verify you have InfoEd access (you must have completed InfoEd training)
    • Create InfoEd file and enter preliminary data (Sponsored Projects can complete this step for you if information is provided)
    • Upload the request for proposal or notice of funding opportunity, proposal, budget, budget detail, and any sponsor required attachments to the InfoEd file
    • Once InfoEd file is complete, hit “Submit for Final Review”
    • Proposal Support Team will receive the file for subsequent review and processing for signatures

    Note: system-to-system proposals must include detailed budget in InfoEd; all others may only include cumulative costs. For NSF proposals, enter details in Fastlane.

  • Step 4: Sponsored projects

    This step will automatically begin with the receipt of the InfoEd file at Sponsored Projects (SP).

    • SP receives the approved InfoEd file and makes initial contacts with the PI
    • SP reviews all file documents for University and Sponsor compliance
    • SP will submit any questions or clarifications needed to the PI via email
    • Once approved by SP, the PI will be asked for permission to submit the proposal to the sponsor

Commonly Used Application Information

Looking for commonly used application information like F&A (Indirect Cost) Rates, legal name and institution numbers, or fringe benefit rates?

Pre-Award Grant Coordinator

Pre-Grant Support
Stephanie Parker
Stephanie Parker
Pre-Award Grant Coordinator
(775) 682-7993
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