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How long does it take?

This minor is designed to be completed with any major in four years.

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Open to all undergraduate students. Learn how to apply to the University of Nevada, Reno.

What will I learn in a Black studies minor?

The interdisciplinary minor in Black studies offers more than 50 courses in the arts, the humanities and social sciences. 

All students in the minor take two core courses, which you can select from four offerings. These foundational courses provide an introduction to understandings of race in the United States as well as to the field of Black studies. Then you'll round out the minor with four additional courses selected from a broad array of classes in departments including anthropology, communication studies, geography and music, among others. This allows you to customize the minor to match your interests while still gaining a core understanding of the field of Black studies. 

The minor emphasizes a comparative approach to study the diverse cultural and historical contributions of African and African diaspora communities, with a special focus on issues of social justice. You'll study topics from immigration, religion and health care, to education, poverty, and gender and sexuality as you come to better understand the histories and experiences of Black peoples across the globe. 

The Religious Studies minor is offered by the Department of Anthropology in the College of Liberal Arts. The department offers degree programs that explore inequality and social justice to prepare graduates for careers in public advocacy, politics, education and more. 

Professors in the Department of Anthropology represent a variety of academic disciplines and bring and interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research that focuses on better understanding the diverse range of human experiences. 

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