Military Science, Minor

The University of Nevada, Reno offers undergraduate students the opportunity to minor in military science. The course of study includes a broad educational base, including academic subjects of particular value, in both civilian and military pursuits. The ROTC program is one of the best leadership courses a student can take. Students who choose to minor in military science give themselves future opportunities in exciting careers not available to those with minimal leadership experience.

Why choose this minor?

ROTC cadets are some of the most adept front-runners in the country. Having a military science minor opens up many more doors for future career paths. Not only do military science students gain invaluable leadership and motivational skills, but they create relationships to last a lifetime. A military science minor is for those students looking to create lifetime bonds and preparation for whatever the future may hold.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 19-25 credits in military science curriculum:

  • Basic course requirements (2-8 credits)
    • Option 1 – Leadership training course
    • Option 2 – Critical thinking, problem solving and leadership courses
  • Advanced course requirements (14 credits) – a series of leadership skills-building courses
  • Military history requirement (3 credits) – choose from select history courses

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